We provide comprehensive injury prevention services and believe that Effective Education is simply key to injury prevention.

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SAVE A BACK is based on the knowledge that education works and therefore it is the simple key to injury prevention. The goal is to teach people to handle complex and uncertain situations with confidence. SAVE A BACK believes in the potential that everyone has to learn. Successful education propels people to want to learn more. When people learn about the care of their body they are encouraged to persevere in the effort to be healthy. SAVE A BACK’s success is simply because the education provided is effective.

SAVE A BACK is education that:

Utilizes a scientific research-based education model

Confidently confronts the physical challenges of daily living

Actively provides skills via collective wisdom and practical application

SAVE A BACK delivers an injury prevention service with a network of experienced educators. Providing consistent, expert-quality service to five countries in 3 languages. Validated objective methods create desired results in the reduction of costly spinal and peripheral injuries.

Extensive education is combined with reproducible competency in various industrial arenas creating injury reduction and ultimately prevention.


Develops the knowledge base in each attendee


Encourages the participation in effective prevention techniques



Emphasizes proactive injury prevention in the culture

Education works.

Especially when you are teaching in way that people can relate to and practice immediately to get results now.

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